Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Press Release on Humble ISD Tax Increase

Dear Neighbors,

For those of you who have emailed and called regarding my views on the proposed tax hike rate in Humble I am posting the press release that we prepared after the Humble School board announced their plan.

MONTEMAYOR REACTS To Humble ISD Tax Increase Proposal

CROSBY, TX - 06/29/08- Candidate for Texas House-District 127 Joe Montemayor reacted to a proposed tax increase to be placed before Humble I.S.D. voters in the fall.

"I feel for our local school boards who have been placed in this situation by a Texas leadership which chooses to play politics, instead of taking the needs of our kids seriously," said Montemayor, adding, "Thirteen years after the election of George W. Bush as governor, school funding has not been resolved and now Gov. Perry, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst and Speaker Craddick refuse to address the issue.
Unfortunately, it appears that my opponent Joe Crabb has no interest in standing up to his party leaders, which leaves the district without a voice." Humble ISD joins other fast-growth school districts that have had to cut deeply into their budgets, while raising taxes on working and middle class homeowners. Humble ISD trustees recently voted to cut $9 million from their budget, while asking voters to increase their property tax rate by 13 cents per $100/valuation.
"Our current representative, Joe Crabb, has only served as a rubber stamp for the leadership in Austin. Rick Perry, David Dewhurst, and Speaker Craddick have washed their hands of the situation and have said they will not address school funding during the next legislative session," said Montemayor.
Instead of increasing school funding to meet population growth and the costs of educating our kids, an expected windfall from the new business tax, which allowed legislators to offer a limited tax cut, will now be used to pay for the tax cut, instead of our educational needs. School districts, with decreased funding, will be forced to increase their property tax rates, with voter approval, to meet their needs. Said Montemayor, "Joe Crabb and the Texas leadership are committed to starving our public education system, while leaving the tax burden on parents.
"If you want a representative that will value our kids, then there is a choice in this race, and I am ready to serve as an independent voice that will work for the people of District 127 with an open mind and an open door."

Your Candidate for Texas HD 127

Joe Montemayor

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