Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dear Friends

As we close out 2008, it is only natural that we take time to reflect on the issued that have affected our lives. In my case I recall that:

  • We set a new record for voter turns out in both the Primary and General election.

  • That although our community is still attempting to recover from the effects of hurricane IKE we came together as a community to assist neighbors and friends in a time of need.

  • The election of the first African American President to the United States and I had the honor of being on the same ballot with President elect Obama.

  • That we are in an economic recession (Some reports claim that we are in a depression) that is now dictating the role that our government has with industry (Banking, Housing and Auto), the education of our children, the security of our country and the credibility of our word as a nation. But I also see that we the people still believe in the future for our children and refuse to accept these situations.

  • The numerous sandaled by our elected official in both parities has tarnished the respect given to our leaders. I as a candidate felt some of the effects of these scandals. I now vow to honor the trust given to me by the voters and will strive to be the representative that they all can respect at all times.

  • The fact that a majority of the communities with in the House District 127 had to face a tax increase due to the economic recession and the lack of action by the State Legislators.

I believe that we in HD 127 agree that the challenges we face in 2008 were enough for anyone to deal with and that we look forward to a brighter future in 2009.

As always I welcome you thought and comments.

Joe A. Montemayor

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