Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vote for Chris Bell SD 17

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

As most of you already know, today we have a runoff election for Texas Senate seat SD17.

You may be asking how dose this election effect me if I am in SD 4.

The fact is that we need as may individual in the Texas Senate that has the interests of our children and grandchildren first. Not the interest of the lobbyist that are camp out at the state house day and night.

For this reason I am asking the residents Texas House District 127, to contact any one they may know in SD 17 (family, friend, co-worker, client, customer or acquaintance) and ask them to vote for Chris Bell.

Chris has a long history of community service and experience that we need in Austin. He has my support and I believe that he is the only true choice.

Joe A. Montemayor

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