Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Cool Saturday Morning

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

On this Saturday morning I awoke to a cool breeze as I open the back door to let my wife’s pup out and I was reminded how close the holidays were. To be honest, I had been so focus on the elections that I failed to relies that Thanksgiving was around the corner.

So much has come to past since the election last week and I am trying to get caught up, however there are a few thing that caught my eye and I wanted to share some of them with you and to get your thought.

First, the local media (KHOU Channel 11) presented a story this week which reported that the local school districts are failing to report criminal activities that happen on our school campus to the State Board of Education. Moreover, some criminal activities that have occurred on these campuses are report as violation of a Student code of conduct instead of the criminal act. However, the report went on to state that the State Board of Education, has no way of following up on these reports nor appears to be willing to address the problems even when they are reported. They feel that the current Honor system is appropriate for are schools. I disagree.

Do you believe that the honor system is appropriate and do you feel that our kids are safe?

I see that the Mr. Betancourt, Harris County Tax Assessors is still under fire for questionable practices. As you may recall, he was under question for making unsubstantial allegation of voter fraud and failing to honor voter registration application for minorities’ applicants. I believe that Mr. Betancourt has to be accountable for these allegations.

Do you believe that these allegations are warranted or not and why?

I read today that President Elect Obama has meet with Senator Hillary Clinton to discuss the possibility of the Senator Clinton serving as the Sectary of State.

Do you believe that Senator Clinton will accept the position and if so, would she be an assist or a hindrance to the Obama Administration?

Please give me you thoughts.
Joe A. Montemayor

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