Thursday, November 20, 2008


Dear Friends & Neighbors,

It seems that the Texas Board of Education has once again made the news. The issues at hand this time is the teaching of evolution in Texas School as determined by certain members of the board of education.

As most of you, I thought that this argument had been settled over 50 years ago by the Federal Courts and in fact Hollywood had made a movie of this landmark decision staring Spencer Tracy but apparently some members of the Texas Board of Education don’t get out much.

Apparently, some members feel that the language being used to teach science is inappropriate and what to rewrite the text book and the curriculum that is being taught in our high school sciences classes.

For example, instead of teaching, “The history of the earth show that dinosaurs existed over 50,000 years ago” the board would prefer “At a time undetermined, it is possibility that dinosaurs existed”

The reason given by these board members for this preferred language is that the theory of evolution is unproven in their opinion. I don’t understand the reasoning especially after the courts have ruled but perhaps these members could provide an example of what would be acceptable as proof to settle this question of evolution.

My good friend Patty has more on her Blog Texas Education.

It also appears that State Rep. Joe Crabb and Humble Superintendent Dr. Sconzo of the Humble Independent School District are having some differences of opinion about the school funding issue.

It appears that we have a “He said” vs. “No I didn’t. He said” war regarding the H.B. 1 bill that was supported by Rev. Crabb. (Check out Texas Education for the fill story.)

Regardless of who said what, school funding is now at a point that it is affecting every school in Texas. It must be addressed in this secession of the Texas Legislation.

The question is, what role will Rev. Crabb play? Will he stand up and lead or will he follow his track record and be lead?

Please give me you thoughts.
Joe A. Montemayor

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