Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rick Interview

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

The news of the day is that Rick Noriega has met with the Obama team in Chicago for a possible positions on the White House Staff or a top Cabinet office.

Last week, several blogger had noted that the Obama team had failed to acknowledge the Latino contribution to the landslide victory on November 4Th further, they had failed to announce any Latino being interview or considered for top position.

Now I know that I am a new comer to the blogger sphere, I also except that the Obama camp may have been prodded by my fellow blogger last week but I also believe that Rick Noriega had caught the attention of the National party as a rising star and would be a major assist to the new administration.

Admittedly, I know and consider Rick and Melissa as friends. My opinion may be a little tainted but as a retired federal agent who work in a major agency both in the field and in Washington, I assure all of you, the Noriega's have the experience and desire to make a difference regardless of the assignment.

As always I welcome you remarks.

Joe Montemayor

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