Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Senator Cornyn Investigation?

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

Today I have read that Senator Cornyn is now calling for an investigation regarding the Houston ICE office handling of allege criminal undocumented individuals within Harris County area. I find this strange because I remember that Senator Cornyn voted to deny funding to the detention and deportation program along with a majority of the GOP leadership?

The question in my mine is why he waited until the focus was the Houston ICE field office? After all, as I understand the time period that was reported in the Chronicle was from June 2007 (Over a year ago) prior to the election where Senator Cornyn was facing challenger Rick Noriega.

NOW this is a major issue but instead of questioning the lack of response from the GOP Sheriff Tommy Thomson or the GOP DA Chuck Rosenthal who were well aware of these allege crisis last year, he is trying to create a situation where he can ride in on his white horse to save the day. (Big Bad John my???)

Folks the election is over but politics still seem to be in play. We need to get serious and stop the BS.

Please give me you thoughts.
Joe A. Montemayor

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